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Welcome to my Vocal Studio, located in Croydon in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

I am a highly experienced performer and educator, specialising in teaching voice function across all different types of voices. I am known for my passion for detail and my ability to open up and free voices, including tricky ones.

If you're experiencing difficulty in any aspect of your voice, or even just have a desire to sing or speak better, you're in the right place. I have helped many singers and speakers, ranging from beginners to advanced, find their true voice.

It would be my privilege to help you find yours!

For more information or to organise a trial lesson call 0417 822 986

Why choose Rachel?

  • Over 25 years teaching experience.
  • Trained by the best singing teachers in the world.
  • Experienced musician and performer.
  • She is a qualified educator with a strong commitment to professional development.
  • She runs a studio concert every year!

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Learn to Sing 

Being able to sing with passion & confidence is exhilarating and deeply fulfilling. I can help you find your unique sound and develop the skills needed to build endurance, whether you want to, or already, sing professionally or just for enjoyment.

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Trial Lesson

Not sure if I'm the right fit for you? Why not book a trial lesson where you can experience what a lesson would be like - you will receive a full voice assessment and the opportunity to experience singing exercises designed specifically for your voice, all in line with your needs and aspirations. 

You get to try before committing, with absolutely no obligation to sign up.